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The Oculenz ARwear can facilitate and accelerate the manufacturing or assembly processes at a factory. Project managers can monitor work progress in real time through AR markers on equipment.  The Oculenz sensors can be set to identify non-conforming products in an assembly line, making their removal obvious to an employee.  The Oculenz can compare and verify a component by superimposing it over a perfect sample so that deviations may be easily identified and corrected.

While the sight of an employee carrying around a laptop on a job site is familiar, there are drawbacks, which include the employee must use both hands to hold, balance and use the laptop. The Oculenz solution provides a hands-free environment, where the employee’s hands and body are free to engage in the repair or inspection activity, without the burden of holding on to a laptop.  With the Oculenz solution the employee gets the same information as on a laptop, but provided to the employee in a much more desirable visual and audio experience.

The Oculenz provides a method to enhance safety like showing a user the location of a shut-off valve, or which turbine engine is connected to which control cabinet.  It also shows hidden dangers, such as pressure vessels behind a wall or potential fire hazards.  For safety training, it puts a virtual piece of equipment in the trainees’ while use media is superimposed over the physical world. Oculenz ARwear combines the effectiveness of visualizing real tools for training, with the helpfulness of additional sight and sound information designed to enhance the learning experience.



The familiar sight of an Energy or Utility worker walking around with a helmet, eye-protection, and a laptop is gone. Now, Oculenz provides the best solution for Industrial Augmented Reality or “OIAR”.

The Oculenz IAR solution combines elements of Safety Helmet, Eye Protection, and Computing.  Industrial Software which previously required workers to carry a laptop, can now see the same information on the Oculenz screen, leaving their hand free for work and safety. The Oculenz IAR also features object recognition, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction. The Oculenz solution also presents information available to pre-programmed scripts to reduce and simplify the user's decisions, for instance, in a quality assurance program. The Oculenz also provides a worker with real-time assembly guidance, assembly training, and assembly simulation, design information.



The Oculenz provides the best Augmented Reality platform available for Data Visualization “ARDV”.

Oculenz provides the best Augmented Reality platform available for Data Visualization “ARDV”.  ARDV is  viewed by many as a modern equivalent of visual communication. It involves the creation and study of the visual representation of data, typically in an Augmented Reality presentation.  Oculenz ARDV allows visual access to huge amounts of data in easily digestible visuals displayed on the ARwear lenses.  The Oculenz ARwear provides easy to interpret 3D images of charts, graphs and tables.



Ocutrx is the best for Building Information Modeling or “BIM”.  BIM is a way to visualize, manage and coordinate data about a building or other kind of construction project.

The Oculenz BIM technology helps many different industries, including architecture, engineering, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and construction with 3D images of a building, room or equipment shown as it will look like in its final state.  This helps avoid mistakes in size and placement while providing a method to ensure the final result looks as it was originally envisioned. Also, since it is 3D you can see from any angle or viewpoint.



Oculenz provides the best method for Project Visualization. With the Oculenz “heads-up” display, a user always has a set of the blueprints at your fingertips, literally.

An on-the-site technician can use the Oculenz ARwear to figure out the problems on site more quickly and safely as they get familiar with the site layout, machine structures, zooming in and out to learn how it all fits together, and each part can be labeled in virtuality, so that, in one instance, cables and connections are overlaid on the real parts so a user understand the entirety of the job.



Oculenz ARwear brings truly unlimited possibilities for teaching and learning process. Oculenz AR provides the unique cognition path with immersive real-life simulations for training and education.

Now an employee can “see” the item in 3D and be able to “pull it apart” to understand it configuration or “walk through” a space such as a floating Oil Platform or Pressure Vessel. Ocutrx AR technology gives entirely real psychological and physical experience and helps get authentic virtual experience that can be implemented in real life.  Or, as equipment becomes more complicated, technicians may not have the knowledge to fix problems, and those with the expertise are often hours or days away. Here, the Oculenz provides tutorials as well as a step-by-step repair process.



Oculenz ARwear serves as a natural application for use in maintenance and repair because it leverages a user’s attention on a specific area of a building or piece of equipment

An employee can visually synthesize additional information such as the identity of components, complex sequences, and textual data for easy understanding.  The Service Industry Oculenz solution has plug-ins and connectors so it can replace a laptop display when used with automobile diagnostics or displaying related information about an unfamiliar piece of equipment to a technician instead of searching it in a repair manual.


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